Hi, everyone.

Here is the link of NHK SONGS OF TOKYO NEWS’s part4 streaming broadcast.

You can watch free, short version, when if you can use wi-fi and LAN.

Already they finished first slot 8:10am today.

But they will provide us them again at few times.

Today’s schedule:

8:10,14:10,19:10, 26:10 JST


2/1/2019 Wed 8:10,15:10,22:10,28:10

Please check it out ;)

Thnx a lot, XXX

Schedule link,


Streaming link,


Add to ...

I really recommend to all singers,

NEWS is Japanese males Idol group from Johnney’s entertainment.

Their songs are lover relationships, cheers and themed football.

They’ve stylish and urban atmosphere. My most favorite one!!

Their paforming is so Expessive and passed passion for us :)

Their costume design from Masuda Takahisa,he is NEWS member.

Of cause other members are great talented too.

Sayuri Ishikawa is traditional Japanese fork song  artist of  “Enka” queens.

She used Japanese traditional instruments, her voice is very strong female’s are, 

glamorous in between. This program is best hers,I think.

Actually, her Kimono grade is like a penthouse X)

Kanzyani8 is Johnney’s Entertainment Idol group too.

All members from Osaka of  East side Janan. 

So, they have passion hearts with souls, but pops n rock both colors.

Plus nice joking :) BC, Osaka  like a hilarious Greece area!!

My greece friend said that with joking ;)


We are power push them for you and world !! Then!!